Personal Values Assessment

Discover how people perceive your personal values.

See Yourself Clearly

Expand your personal self-awareness by understanding what people think and feel about you.

Monitor Your Personal Values Yourself

Use Youlinked yourself to monitor and gain insights into your personal values.

Start Your Personal Values Assessment

Decide to ask for feedback from your family, friends and colleagues about your personal values.

Step 1. Add a Personal Values Assessment Project

Select the project type as Person, add your name and foto. You can also add other people as administrators, those who will be able to view your surveys results or share the management rights.

Add your personal values as you want to survey, based on what is important for you in your life or even values based on theoretical models.

Add people who will participate in your surveys, such as family members, friends or colleagues.

Step 2. Send Personal Values Surveys

For each survey, select the values to be evaluated and the people to be invited.

Schedule surveys to be automatically launched on the scheduled dates.

Follow the evolution of people's evaluations and comments.

Step 3. Broaden Your Personal Self-awareness

Understand what family, friends and colleagues value most in you.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses based on values.

Get suggestions for your improvement.

Know Yourself

Uncover yourself by understanding what you and people in your relationship most appreciate about you.

Continue Expanding Your Personal Self-Awareness

Gain new insights into your personal values through new assessments and analysis of personal values.

Become a Better Person

Find your way to self-realization by deepening your understanding of your personal values.