Broaden Your Self-Awareness

Expand your personal and organizational self-awareness by monitoring your values.


Monitor Your Values Yourself

Understand your values through surveys and assessments that you can manage yourself.

Personal Values Assessment

Understand and compare how you, your family, friends and colleagues assess your personal values.

Organizational Values Assessment

Know what the stakeholders think and feel about the organizational values.

Brand Values Assessment

Understand which values your customers value most in your brand.

Product or Service Values Assessment

Identify the most recognized values in your product or service by your customers.

Understand the Evolution of Your Values

Explore the Youlinked powerful data analytics to in-depth understand the evolution of your values.

Historical Data

Evaluate the historical data in each project dashboard after repeating your values surveys.

Survey Dashboard

Individually understand the results of each survey, the evaluations and feedback from the participants on the values surveyed and what they suggest for improvement.

Value Dashboard

Individually understand the evolution of each value over time and analyze its results in historical curves.

Participant Dashboard

Individually understand the assessments and feedback of each participant and their evolution along time.

Values Models and Categorization

Add as many theoretical models as you wish and their categories of values to comparative results and greater wealth of your analysis.

People Segmentation

Select as many people segmentations as you want to increase the richness of your demographic analysis.

Rede Cidadã
Paraibuna Embalagens
Guiando Telecom
Rita Rodrigues - Executive Superintendent, Paraibuna Embalagens
The use of Youlinked has allowed us to evaluate in a simple and efficient way the development of human values in our organization. In a project that has lasted one year, we evaluated 60 values and involved more than 80 employees of the company.
Rita Rodrigues
Executive Superintendent, Paraibuna Embalagens
Rodrigo Schittini - CEO, Guiando Telecom
With Youlinked platform we are managing to find the differences between the cultural values that Guiando wishes to have and that employees observe to exist. With that we can take appropriate actions to correct the gaps.
Rodrigo Schittini
CEO, Guiando Telecom

See Yourself Clearly

Expand your self-awareness and make better decisions by monitoring what people think and feel about your values.